Fish & Chips Facts

Fish & Chips is a national institution. In 1995 300 million were consumed in the UK, which equates to 6 servings for every man, woman and child in the country!

National Federation of Fish Friers

Fish & Chips is one of the top 5 meals for every out of home eating occasion in the UK and are still the number 1 meal for a Friday evening with more than a 20% share of all meals consumed.

As part of a balanced diet Fish & Chips are good for your health! Fish & Chips provide you with a good amount of protein and fibre and iron. And there is more Vitamin ‘C’ in a portion of Fish & Chips than in an apple!

A portion of Chip Shop chips contain less fat than a Prawn Mayonnaise sandwich!

More than a staggering 255 million fish and chips meals are sold in fish and chip
shops each year!

The nations favourite takeaway outsells Indian food by 2:1 !

The potato Council