Peterboroughs Award Winning Fish & Chips!

FISHY BUSINESS is owned by Phil Mellon who started the business in 2002. Phil was introduced to the trade by his mum who has worked in the industry. Phil’s mum was a single parent who worked full time as a manageress for a chain of fish and chip shops in South Yorkshire. When Phil was 9 years old he started to show an interest in his mum’s work and in order to spend more time with her went with her to work. This was when he started to learn the trade.

In 1991, Phil and his family moved to Cambridgeshire where Phil’s mum took on a job as manageress of a Fish & Chip business. When Phil was old enough he took on a job working at the same place. His first job was washing up and cleaning. He then progressed to serving customers, and eventually learned how to fry, cut fish and be left in charge of the shop when his mum wasn’t there.

Phil attended a Fish Frier’s training course at the National Federation of Fish Friers training school in Leeds. Although he knew his stuff, it was important to meet other experienced people from the trade and learn from their experiences in the trade.

Phil continued to work in the trade part time whilst doing his A-Levels and undergraduate degree in Law and Business. When he left university, he decided he wanted to stay in the trade and having saved and invested money looked into opening a Fish & Chip shop of his own. In 2002 Phil took over ‘Chopsticks’ which was a Chinese and fish & chip shop. This was a very run down business, but Phil only had limited funds and was eager for a challenge. The premises were refurbished with lots of help from friends and family, and Phil even tiled the shop himself!

Fishy Business Today...

With the help of a good team of staff, FISHY BUSINESS continues to trade, and provide top quality food at a reasonable price. Our fish is sourced from sustainable stocks. We prepare the chips ourselves from locally sourced potatoes. We cook them the traditional way in dripping, which maintains a higher temperature more efficiently, which means our food absorbs less fat. We treat our chips with drywite, which means by cooking dry chips instead of wet chips they absorb less fat!

We feel it is important to recognise that our customers needs are changing, which is why we are open all day Monday to Saturday, and 5pm to 10pm Sundays, so you can eat when you want, and don’t have to arrange your meal times around us. We cater for our mature customers with OAP meals, for our youngest customers with kids’ meals in a themed box with a toy. And for our up and coming customers with menu items such as; Chips/Cheese & Beans, Battered Mars Bars and Apple pies. We even do Battered Christmas Puddings in December!

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